“Every child is important to us and is treated as an individual” 

“Our ethos is for children to learn through their play”

Our Pre-School is located in a purpose built building within the Wilstead lower School grounds, we cater for children from 2½ to 4 Years old and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, which sets the standards for learning, development, and care for children from birth to age five.

Our Mission.

  • We aim to provide a warm, friendly and safe environment for all children.
  • Our highly motivated team of staff help children develop independence, confidence, resilience and self esteem.
  • Children have access to a wonderful range of activities and resources indoors and outdoors giving them every opportunity to achieve their full potential.
  • Children of all abilities have the right of equal access and we respect the individuality and diversity of all our children and families.

Alerts for extreme weather conditions, closures or emergencies will be updated on our Facebook site and will appear as alerts in the sidebar of this site.

For health related information with your child attending pre school please visit our Medical Page. You will find useful information including NHS contact numbers, pharmacies etc.

Our web site provides all the information you need  in relation to events, policies, session hours, fees and uniforms. At the top right of the website is a search bar. Click the search icon to search for absolutely anything on our site. In the event you cannot find the information you are looking for fill in the form on our contact page or call 01234-742546

Our School.

We cover seven area’s of learning which are split into Communication and Language, Physical Development including Personal Social and Emotional Development. Specific Areas are Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Through play and observation we plan activities to encourage children with their development.

We are registered with Ofsted under the children’s act 1989/2004 to provide full day care. The building has been purpose built to our requirements and opened in April 2008. The principles of the Pre – School are, that every child matters and is treated as an individual, and our ethos is for children to learn through their play.

What Parents Say About Us

  • ‘Thank you for making our 2 years at Pre-School very special’
  • ‘Thanks lots for taking care of my son and making the start of school life, fun for him’
  • ‘Thank you so much, you have been the best Key worker for my children. You have been so supportive and have always been there for us, we will truly miss you, thank you so much!’
  • ‘A big thank you to everyone for making my grandsons time at preschool so happy and successful, and making us feel so welcome’
  • ‘Thank you for the last 18 months, our daughter has loved every minute of Pre-school, she is going to miss all of you, we will keep in contact and see you at your fun days’
  • ‘Thank you very much for making the last 2 years at Pre-School so much fun, you’re the best teachers ever’
  • ‘Thank you for being my special person’
  • ‘A massive thank you to each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication in providing such a happy environment for children to learn. My son has enjoyed every minute of being at Wilstead and has learnt so much as well as making some great friends along the way’
  • ‘Thanks for looking after him so well and allowing him to thrive’
  • ‘I will miss you all, you are the best teachers in the world’
  • ‘I cannot really put into words how much our son and we appreciate the hard work and effort you have all put in this year, our son has really enjoyed this year has he is always happy to go to Preschool. Your preschool is such a happy and fantastic place, with staff always friendly and willing to bend over backwards to help. You should all be very proud. Our son has developed so much this year and this is due to the hard work you have all done with him’
  • ‘To all you wonderful ladies, what more can we say other than, thank you. You have all been so fantastic with our children and have made this first big step into preschool so much easier for us by your continued kindness, care and support from day one back in 2012. Our children have come so far academically, emotionally and physically, all credit to such a brilliant team! You have also been a tower of strength for me their mother at times, what would we have done without you! We will miss you all so much, but comforted to know that you’re only over the fence. You really are a unique team and whatever our children strive to be, you ladies have played such a huge part in those first crucial steps. Much love and gratitude to you all’
  • ‘We sent both our children to Pre School albeit 6 years apart! Thanks for providing us with that much needed break, peace and quiet and the slim chance to actually get on with life! The children loved Pre-school almost as much as we loved sending them! Thanks for everything, we love you all, you are brilliant!’
  • ‘You ladies don’t always realise what a great job you do. Effectively you start to shape kids lives. It’s important and you do it well. I have travelled the world and seen it done brilliantly and terribly. I have seen kids thrive and I have seen them nose dive into lawless kids with a poor future. Yes you have a laugh and a joke, but the discipline, dedication and consistency gives our kids a great start. We should count ourselves lucky. Keep up the good work.’

Our Setting.

Our school premises offer one large area which has a partition into the quiet area, toilet area, kitchen, office, store room, and a large play area outside which has rubber flooring, astro turf and a grassed allotment area.

The Pre-School have a very good relationship with the Lower School and have use of their playground and trim trail within their grounds.

The Pre-School is a member of the Pre- School Learning Alliance. The Pre School was first established in 1968 and celebrated it‘s 40th year with a big open day in 2008. It is managed by a committee made up of parents, is a registered charity, and serves the local and surrounding community.

There are presently a high number of children on the register, and we operate a waiting list where a parent can put down their child’s name as early as possible. Our admission policy states that we allocate sessions from this waiting list with catchment area children first which would be Wilstead.

At present there are ten staff members and two bank staff who provide cover when required. All staff members are trained in First Aid and Safeguarding Children, as well as in their individual coordinator roles. Staff are constantly updating or attending new training. We have a Finance Manager who deals with all our finances, and a cleaner who comes into the school on a daily basis.

Play Learning.

The strong link between play and learning is well documented. Children are full of natural curiosity and they explore this curiosity through play. When children are playing, they are also learning, and like sponges they soak up more knowledge than we give them credit for.

Play teaches children how to problem solve, how to make friends, how to express themselves, how to enjoy the world around them, and how to recognise letters and numbers. All of these skills form the foundation of a love of learning.

Teachers and early years practitioners structure play to create learning moments. While children play, they will chat with their friends, and figure out how to stop their block tower from falling. They will draw pictures, role play, tell stories and sit quietly to listen to others. All of these activities help children develop, learn, and eventually acquire the skills that they will need in their first lower school and beyond.

To get an understanding of the activities that help learn through play, and what we offer at Wilstead Pre School visit our Activities Page.

Extended Services and Clubs.

We offer extended services in the form of a breakfast club, lunch club and after school clubs. We run our summer holiday club for 4 weeks during the school summer holiday, keep an eye on our Calendar Page for information. Don’t forget to view our Photo Albums to see how the children love the school.


Our 2015  Ofsted Report is here.