Wilstead Pre-School is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for the children in our care. When we have visitors to the setting we need to ensure that this will not have a detrimental effect on the children and that the visitor in question has a valid reason for visiting the setting. Accordingly, when a visitor arrives at the setting we will follow the procedure set out below:-

  •  Generally most visitors will be expected, and booked in the diary.
  • The identity of the visitors will be checked. (Checking of any I.D. cards etc.) is recorded on the visitors book along with the reason for the visit.
  • All visitors will sign in the visitor’s book with an arrival time, and be added on to the white board in case of an evacuation procedure. Visitors will have the evacuation procedure explained to them.

If staff require further reassurance of the identity of the visitor, they will phone the employing organisation of the visitors e.g. Ofsted, Local Authority, Environmental Health Department, etc. for further confirmation. If this is not possible, staff will seek the advice of the settings Manager / Deputy Manager. If confirmation cannot be sought then the visitor may be refused access until this can be confirmed. This will be following our Safeguarding Procedures.