Fees and Funding

All new starters to the Pre-School will have on their first bill a registration charge of £5, this helps towards the cost of name cards, coat peg names, progress files and any other paperwork whilst your child is with us.

Breakfast Club08:00 - 09:15£5.00
Morning Session09:15 - 11:45£11.00
Lunch Club11:45 - 12:45£4.50
Afternoon Session12:45 - 15:15£11.00
After School Club16:30 Pick Up£5.50
After School Club17:00 Pick Up£7.50
After School Club18:00 Pick Up£11.00

The pre-school offers 2 year funding as well as 15 hours (universal) for 3 and 4 year old the term after their third birthday. We also offer 30 hours (extended) funding if you are eligible, we offer a limited amount of places to ensure we can still offer places to parents who remain entitled to 15hrs funding, and also 2 yr funding. We are also offering tax free childcare. Information and to check your eligibility for all funding can be found at www.gov.uk/30-hours-free-childcare Please call us for further information.

Funded hours can be used across the hours of 8am till 6pm Monday to Friday term time only, if there are places available. For all funded children a Bedford Borough funding form will be given at the beginning of every term which needs to be filled out and returned to the Pre-School. The Pre-School can then claim the funding from the local authority, if you child is not funded or exceeds their funded hours then an invoice will be raised & emailed to you in the first 2 weeks of the new term.


When each child starts pre-school they are given a named tray which is located in the play area. This is where we will put letters, bills and any other correspondence on a regular basis. The children can also put any possessions and artwork they have done. This will help you keep up to date with everything which is going on in pre-school, so you will need to check your trays regularly. There are also notices and information in the foyer area on the walls and white board. This information includes recent letters, certificates of registration and insurance, and special instructions book, amongst other general information. We also have a separate white board where we will write what we have done during the day, reminders for parents of forthcoming events and other information, this will be put outside after every session.


We do have a Pre – School uniform which is supplied by Tesco, so please ask a staff member or follow this link to the web page. It is not compulsory for your child to wear the uniform, but we do ask that you send them in older clothes because they will be painting, and involved in other messy activities.

We also ask you to provide a spare set of clothes including socks, which can be left on their pegs. This is in case of any wetting accidents, or if they get wet in the water play. We do however have spare clothing if needed. Footwear should either be trainers, doodles and plimsoles for indoor wear,(no boots please), which can be left on their pegs. Can you also provide a pair of wellies for your child, so they are able to participate in outdoor activities when the weather is wet. We also have some waterproof trousers for the children to use whilst playing outside in wetter weather.

Child to Adult Ratio

All policies conform to Ofsted Welfare Requirements, including the regulations for child/adult ratios, which are stated in the policies and practice on safety, as well as the Welfare requirements. The policy states that all children will always be supervised by suitable adult‘s, and that a suitable staff ratio will be in place at all times.

Within Wilstead Pre – School Playgroup the ratio is 1 adult to four children under the age of three, and 1 adult to every eight children over the age of three. There are always fully qualified staff member at every session, (usually 6 – 7 during a Pre-School session).

The breakfast and after school club at present have two to three staff members, which allows up to 16 children to attend any one session over the age of 3 years. Extra staff are brought in if these numbers increase.

Any parent helpers attending the session are only allowed to take their own child to the toilet, unless they are a committee member who have been CRB/DBS Checked. They must also fill in the visitors book with an emergency contact number in case of any injury or illness to themselves whilst in the setting.


We have a great deal of experience in looking after children with special educational needs. We welcome children from any background, culture, or with any special need. We offer extra support and are used to working alongside other professionals who may already be working with a child. This also includes our extended services, where we would put into place any extra staff needed.

All will be treated as individuals and will be given the same learning opportunities appropriate to their level of development. Our Senco coordinator is Debbie Davis, with Josie Sawford as the assistant Senco. We work very closely with professionals to ensure our policies and procedures are up to date.

Parent/Carer Helpers

We like parents or carers to come into the setting to help at any time, this allows them to spend time with their child and see what they get up to, and also how a session is run. A parent or carer can come in and ask if they can stay to help as and when they would like to. They just need to speak to a member of staff to check first, to make sure it is convenient. We do encourage this, as it gives an insight as to what we do to help the children with their development, in all the different areas. As well as parents seeing what activities we offer and how staff communicate and play with the children. We also like parents who may have a special skill to offer to come in and share this with the children. In the past we have had parents come in and cook, do sewing activities and also to help out with particular art activities especially any yearly festivals which we celebrate.


We will celebrate your child’s birthday, usually the next session they are in, either on, or after their birthday. If you would like to come back a few minutes before the end of the session then you can come in and watch the other children singing happy birthday, and your child blowing out the candles on our cake. The children receive a card and small gift from playgroup, and some parents like to bring in goodies to give out as the children are going home. Others may wish to bring in some cake for the children to have at snack time.

If you speak to a member of staff to let them know which day you would like to come in then we can arrange it. If for any reason you would not like us to celebrate your child’s birthday, then could you please inform a member of staff.

Wilstead Lower School

Children who attend the Pre-School are not automatically allocated a space at Wilstead Lower School. Admissions are carried out through the Local Education Department. Parents are requested to complete an admissions form either written or on line.

We have a very good relationship with the Lower School and sometimes use their playground and trim trail, as well as sometimes attending events which they put on like their Christmas Nativity or Pancake Race.

Reception class will also come over and watch our Christmas and end of term plays. We also do visits for the children who will be going to school in September. These usually take place the last half term of the academic year June/July. This is an opportunity for the children to get used to the classroom environment and teachers, and also for the teachers to get to know the children. We usually take them over once a week, on a day to be agreed with the Reception class teacher. This will be confirmed to you in a letter at the start of the half term and will follow our Transition Policy.

Any child who does not normally attend on the chosen day will have the opportunity to come in and attend with the other children. We also organise for the children to have a tour of the school which is done by pupils already at the school, we also go over for a lunch time session.

Trips and Events

Throughout the year we have different events going on, and also a summer trip. These include Easter Egg Hunt, Sports Day, End of Term Play and a Christmas Nativity. Letters will go out at the appropriate times telling parents all details about the forthcoming event, these will be put into your trays. The summer trip is generally in June, and is usually to Mead Open Farm. We do encourage parents to come along on the trip, details will be sent out to parents at the appropriate time. This is a great day out because Mead caters for all our needs, including a great indoor area if the weather isn’t very good. The children love the day out, and also participating in the different events which go on through the year.


During the summer months we will ask parents to apply sun cream to their children before bringing them to a session. Staff will then apply cream to your child again at lunch time if they are in all day. When you fill in your child’s Registration form, it does ask for your consent for us to be able to do this. Sun hats and water bottles will also be needed during the summer months.

Any Problems?

If you have any problems with the running of the setting, or anything else, you can refer to our complaints procedure which is in the set of policies.

If you have any further problems, you can ring Ofsted at any time: Tel: 0300 123 1231