Fire, Emergency and Evacuation Policy.

We ensure that our premises present no risk of fire by ensuring the highest possible standard of fire precautions.

Legal framework

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005

Our fire safety co-ordinators are Paula Bannell and Josie Sawford. They are familiar with the current legal requirements, and where necessary will seek advice from a competent person such as our Fire Safety Consultant Steve Reynolds of Alexander Services (info to be found in our Fire Safety folder).


The basis of fire safety is risk assessment. These are carried out by a competent person i.e. co-ordinator, manager, safety consultant. The management and other staff have received training in fire safety sufficient to be competent to carry our risk assessment. These risk assessments are written due to there being more than 5 staff members.

  • Fire doors are clearly marked, never obstructed and easily opened from the inside.
  • Smoke detectors/alarms and fire fighting appliances conform to BSEN standards, are fitted in appropriate high risk areas of the building and are checked every 6 months by Alexander Services.
  • Fire call points are tested weekly on an alternate basis. Emergency lighting is also checked weekly, fire extinguishers are checked monthly. Al checks are recorded in the Fire Safety folder.

Our emergency evacuation procedures are approved by the Fire Safety Officer’s and are:

  • Clearly displayed in all rooms of the building
  • Explained to all staff, students and volunteers when they are inducted
  • Explained to all visitors who attend the setting
  • Practised every half term throughout Pre-School sessions and Extended services.

An evacuation procedure board is located in the playroom this will show at every session who is responsible for;

  • Evacuation board/register/call 999
  • Gate key (to open gate at top of field for emergency services access
  • Check building

Records are kept of fire drills and the servicing of all the fire safety equipment.

Practise fire drills include:

  • Familiarising the children with the sound of the fire bell.
  • Familiarising the children, adults and visitors where the fire exits are.
  • Teaching the children to move quickly to the appropriate fire exit and leave the building sensibly. Assembling at the designated area.
  • How the children and adults will be accounted for using the register and visitors book to call names.
  • How long it takes to get the children out safely.
  • Who calls the emergency services in the event of a real fire.
  • How parents are then contacted.

Fire Drill Record

This record kept in the Fire Safety folder will contain:

  • Date and time of the drill (including day of the week)
  • Number of children and adults in attendance
  • Time taken to evacuate the buildingAny problems or further action to be taken to improve the procedure
  • Signed by staff member

Evacuation Procedure

  • Whistle is blown
  • Children are gathered together and lined up at the appropriate fire exit
  • All areas of the building (toilets, kitchen, office, store room) are checked and evacuated by the designated fire officer
  • Designated person gets register, phone, and evacuation bag.
  • Staff will follow allocated evacuation roles for that day.
  • Children are led out of the building and on to the school playground.
  • Phone emergency services if necessary.
  • Designated person to open gates onto field.
  • Register is taken to ensure all children, staff , students, parents and visitors are present.
  • In the event Pre-School is inadmissible children, staff and visitors will remain in the designated school hall.
  • All parents will be called to collect their children.
  • Children will remain in the school hall until they are collected by a parent.
  • In the event of an emergency situation OUTSIDE of the building e.g. insect infestation, chemical, smoke etc, the same procedure would be followed, and the children will be lead back into the building.

Risk assessments

All risk assessments are kept in the risk assessment folder which is located in the playroom. These are regularly checked and updated as necessary.