Clubs and Extended Services


Breakfast Club08:00 - 09:15£5.00
Morning Session09:15 - 11:45£11.00
Lunch Club11:45 - 12:45£4.50
Afternoon Session12:45 - 15:15£11.00
After School Club16:30 Pick Up£5.50
After School Club17:00 Pick Up£7.50
After School Club18:00 Pick Up£11.00

Breakfast, Lunch, After School and Holiday Clubs.

Wilstead Pre-School Playgroup offers these extended services, which are available to the Pre-School children, and also the Lower School children up to Year 4. We do also accommodate Middle School children who have previously attended the After School Service.

The clubs are run by the Pre-School, through the week Monday to Friday. The clubs are booked through filling in a booking form which is given out well before the end of each term. This enables parents to pre-book their children into the clubs for the following term. Places are allocated on a first come basis, although in an emergency, parents can ring to see if there any spaces available. The pre-booking service allows us to then cater for staff requirements in advance.


Parents of any school children attending the breakfast and after school clubs will be asked to fill in a Registration Form, which includes contact numbers and also any special dietary, or medical problems which we need to know about. This will then be kept confidential in a file in the office. Any other paperwork or information you feel we should know about will also be kept in this file. If a parent/carer is unable to collect their child for some reasons, then we have a system where by the family will have a password, which is kept confidential, and only known by family members/carers and staff.

However in the event of a parent not being able to collect their child, could they please ring the setting to let us know. We will not allow a child to leave with someone who does not have the correct password. The setting have Policies and Procedure in place, which cover both the Pre-School sessions and also the extended services.

At all times when your child/children are in our care, their safety is paramount and the care and opportunities we give them is to a high standard. If ever you feel this is not being achieved please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.

If you have booked your child into After School Club and for some reason you need to cancel, can you please inform both the Pre-School and the Lower School to let us both know. This will ensure there is no confusion at collection time. If you are cancelling any extended services within 24 Hours of when your child should attend, then you will not be charged. However if it is short notice then you will be charged 50% of the fee.

The booking forms have a date by which we need them submitted. We do not have time to chase these forms as they need to be completed every term even if you require the same sessions. We need to produce registers to give to school, and also to plan staffing. If your booking form is not returned by the required time then you are unable to book sessions for the first week of that term.

Breakfast Club

The breakfast club is run with three staff members. The children can arrive at the setting from 8am, where the parent/carer will be asked to sign them in on a register. Unfortunately due to our insurance policy we are unable to allow children to be left at breakfast club before 8am. The children are then free to come into the play room and use our extensive facilities. We do have toys and equipment which cater for the older children, which will then be put away for the Pre-School sessions. Children are offered breakfast when they come in, which consists of different types of cereal, toast, and milk and water to drink, also yogurts, juice drinks and fruit.

The children are then encouraged to wash and dry the plates and cups they have used. Play will then continue until about 8:50 am, when the children are asked to tidy away the toys and equipment they have been using. The school children will then go into the foyer where they will get their coats and school bags ready to go over to the school playground. This then leaves any Pre-School children in the playroom with other staff members.

Staff members will then walk the children over to school and take them to the reception to be signed in. The staff members will then return to the Pre-School.

Lunch Club

The lunch club is only available to Pre-School children, and runs from 11:45am until 12:45pm. Parents need to supply their child/children with a healthy packed lunch (no sweets, fizzy drinks) and a drink which are labelled with your child’s name. Once the morning session has finished and children have been collected, the children staying for lunch will be asked to go to the toilet and then wash their hands. In the meantime their lunch bags are put out on the lunch tables.

In the warmer months we do ask that parents put ice packs into lunch boxes as we do not have the facility to put lunches into the fridge.

The children will then all sit down together with the staff members, and eat their lunch. Staff monitor the children to make sure they eat their sandwiches etc first before any puddings.

They are also encouraged to drink plenty, and then sit for a while to let their lunch go down properly. The children will then be allowed to throw any rubbish in the bin, pack up their lunch bags and put them back on their pegs. They will then be allowed to play in the playroom, or outside depending on the weather. Just before 12:45pm they will be taken into the foyer ready to be collected, or remain in the playroom to get ready for the afternoon session to begin.

After School Club

Any school children coming to After School Club from Wilstead Lower will be collected from the school hall where they will be asked to wait by their teachers. Staff members will be waiting in the hall for them. The children will then be signed out of school and walked over to the Pre-School and into the building. They will leave all their belongings in the foyer area and then enter the playroom. There are two – three staff members at a time who run the After School Club, each session can run with up to 16 children, both Pre-School and School age. Toys and equipment specific to the different age ranges will be on off to the children.

During their time at the After School Club, the children will be offered a small snack, which will usually be fruit. Sometimes in the planning there are also cooking activities, where the children will be able to eat what they have made.

Parents will then come to collect their children, and will be asked to sign them out on the register.

We also offer a light tea if children are here till 6.00pm. This can include things like bagels, toasted sandwich, wraps.

Holiday Club

The holiday club is run for 4 weeks of the summer holidays, these dates will vary slightly year to year. All bookings are made via a booking form which is available from June & payment is due in advance to secure booking. Please refer to the fees policy for further details on cancellations etc.


In the After School Club our planning is done very freely, allowing the children’s ideas to compliment what we are doing. We run a daily diary which is where we put the children’s suggestions, and whether they have or have not enjoyed activities, plus things they would like to do.

Keeping the daily diary means we can look back at what the children would like to do, and then plan it into the following weeks, enabling them to enjoy the activities to the full. Our main aim is to ensure the children enjoy their time during these sessions, so we will send out from time to time, questionnaires for parents/carers to fill in and return to us, to make sure this is being achieved.